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The PhD Programme at the eScience Research School

The following is an outline of the study activities offered to all students enrolled at the eScience Research School (eSRS). 

Annual Summer School

PhD students at the eSRS are encouraged to participate in one eScience related summer school per year. Summer school is considered an obvious possibility for fostering an active research environment. The eSRS will strive to partake in the organization of one summer school per year, working closely with the collaborators of the eSRS

PhD Courses

The eSRS will aim at hosting two annual PhD courses, mostly in the form of one week intensive teaching, based on lectures by invited speakers. The research focus of the PhD courses are guided by the school board. In addition to the courses hosted by the eSRS, PhD students are required to take the course Introduction to University Pedagogy (IUP) as well as Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). It is strongly recommended to take a course on scientific writing.

Network Events

There will be at least one annual network event, hosted by the eSRS. The network events will typically be focused on carreer opportunities for the eSRS PhD students, such as post doc funding, entrepreneurship, industrial research and likewise. The events will be centered around invited speakers and supplemented with a lunch or dinner arrangement.

The recommended structure for a three year PhD study at the eSRS is as follows:

Recommended three year study plan